Easy way to add post-reaction functionality.

Easy way to add post-reaction functionality.

“I like” plugin will help you to add like and dislike functionality to your post, so you can easily monitor which posts are much liked or disliked by visitors.

when people will visit your blog and find that useful they can react to your post without wasting time writing a traditional comment. also, you can monitor your post with total likes and dislikes.
you can customize like and dislike labels as your needs also can use only the icon button.

How to install?

Download the plugin, install and get your like-dislike buttons are visible to each of your posts.

  1. Go to add new plugin and click on the upload button, select i-like.zip file from explorer.
  2. Click on the install button.
  3. After install, activate the plugin
  4. you can find settings under the “I Like” menu in the admin area.

leave button text empty if you want to make  only icon button.

Front-End Side Usage.

  1. Once you install end setup, Each post contains beautiful like dislike buttons with both counts.
  2. User can now react on that particular post, If they like or dislike the post. 
  3. Toast message prompt when user reacts, if he/she login.
  4. User can not react without login.

Front-end Buttons
Like & Dislike Alert
Login Alert

Future Updates

  1. Admin Like / Dislike entry listing page.
  2. More styles for buttons and counters. 
  3. Toast styles options
  4. Other user suggestions and issue fixes.

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